Oil & Gas Systems Design Company
Don and Cheryl on Cruiseship
About OGS:

Don Ordes, the owner and president, and Cheryl Ordes, his wife and Secretary/Treasurer, have been Wyoming residents since 1976. In the spring of 2014, they relocated to the beautiful Treasure Valley near Boise, Idaho. 'OGS' is a client/project oriented technical services & consulting company, offering gas plant and industrial design consulting since 1985, and operator training services since 1991. Although the services offered are mainly for the oil and gas gathering and processing industry, many other industrial and technical projects have been accomplished. Don has over 40 years background in gas plant design, fabrication, & installation, and over25 years in operations assistance. Engineering, when required for simulations, calculations, or stamping, is satisfied by an associate registered Wyoming engineer.

OGS's strengths are broad experience, fast response, and quick turnaround, providing technical services & operator training services that have been rated the highest quality. The goal is always to provide honest, accurate, and professional service. Documentation from satisfied customers defines a track record of success and trust.
With his background in project design & drafting in all disciplines, plus design/project management, shop fabrication, field installation and operations, Don has the ability to coordinate projects from concept to start-up in all aspects, or assist those who have these duties. OGS is capable of working turn-key for smaller projects or within the framework of any organization for large projects, working in many capacities. His long experience working closely with engineers was the foundation for OGS.

Don has a natural talent for visualization, and also has an artist's & technical illustrator's hand in presenting information, which comes in handy for communication of ideas or quick-design 3D sketches.

Don is also internationally known for his fly-tying and fly fishing exploits. Visit www.FantasyFlies.com to see his unique styles of tying and of course his fishing trips.

Oil & Gas Systems Design Company