Oil & Gas Systems Design Company

Oil & Gas Systems Design Company offers a wide range of services covering industrial, gas processing, oilfield and mining applications. With 35 years experience in oil & natural gas production and processing, OGS offers expertise in all areas of engineering, design, shop fabrication, and field installation, along with operations assistance. A resume is available upon request. For projects requiring the services of registered engineers or for stamped documents, OGS will co-ordinate with registered professional engineering associates who will perform the required services, thus providing a complete package.

Although OGS specializes in gas plant design and installation, Don also provides critical document as-built/update services, as mandated by OSHA 29CFR-1910 (November, 1991), along with customized operations training seminars uniquely adapted to plant and field operations that increase overall efficiencies. OGS customized training seminars have been rated by the operators and their management as the highest quality available. Many times these services overlap into customized troubleshooting/training projects. These seminars are thus customized and focus on teamwork, planning, and individual and group advancement.

OGS also offers design or re-design services for upgraded Product Storage and Loading Areas to make them compliant with new DOT and NFPA fire code and safety standards, while still maintaining the ANSI B31.3 standards. With this in mind, Don is also a representative of Meeder Equipment Co., a major supplier of storage and loading components for the Natural Gas Liquids industry, and specializing in new compliance equipment and parts. He is also beginning work with the GPA to standardize these safety upgrades and changes as a special area classification for all gas plants.

Additional Services Available:
• Project design management & coordination
• Midstream Operations troubleshooting, re-design & turnaround assistance.
• Packaging/Purchasing assistance, quotes & bid preparation
• Photographic & video records
• Design application/evaluations
• Process applications/evaluations
• Skid package design & inspection services
• Specification generating
• Chief Inspector/QC- fabrication & construction
• Field & Construction purchasing, procurement

Training Courses:
•For midstream operators, supervisors, & support personnel
• Motivation & Career Advancement (Topic #1 in all schools)
• Fundamentals of Hydrocarbon Processing
• TEG Dehydration
• Straight Refrigeration Gas Plants
• Fractionation Plants
• Amine Plants
• Gas Compression-Plant/Field Reciprocating -process end
• Gas Gathering
• Plant Design and Data Coordination
• Blueprint reading

Design Credits:
• Coal Bed Methane Surface Facilities
• Sulfa-check 4-stage High-efficiency Contact Vessel Coal-car Pre-wet/Topper Spraying Station Prototype
• Docksider Ship Unloading- Initial Gantry Design Prototype
• Casper City Garage- All Mechanical/Civil Design
• Coal-bed Methane Compressor Pod Production Unit Prototype Design
• Hewlett Packard Distribution Box Manifold Standard Designs for national use.
• Custom application equipment for many customers

Services Offered:
Oil & Gas Systems Design Company