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Testimonials and Endorsements:
Comments from customers regarding OGSD Training Courses - Operators and Supervisors:

Some samplings of operators’ comments taken from course evaluations filled out at end of course:
(These are mixed courses, process, refrigeration, fractionation, dehy.)

"His answers made a lot of sense and were put in such a way that they were real informative."

"Out of all the schools & seminars that I have been able to attend so far, this has been by far the best format and informative of all."

"We get used to looking at certain areas when troubleshooting. This course helped get me to thinking about some areas I wasn’t considering."

"Anyone involved with dehys should attend. When a question was asked, it was thoroughly answered ... in a relaxed atmosphere."

"Don is easy to learn from ... easy to understand ... easy to retain information."

Q: What helped the most?

"It was the troubleshooting list." "I found the instructor easy to understand and informative."

"Talked on my level.” “Explained in simple enough terms to understand."

"The instructor was very good in explaining questions. Very good drawings and color-coded sheets which were very helpful."

Q: Did this course meet your expectations?

"Yes! Don Ordes did a thorough job of explaining, through the use of visual aids as well as a simplified method of lecture."

"I believe the seminar was invaluable and would like to see more of the type."

"The instructor always asked if there were any questions and if subject was clear to them. Course was not boring. Instructor kept students’ attention ... Excellent."

"Yes- the color-coded prints were excellent and explanations given helped me to visualize the process."

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely give it a 10+ rating."

"All questions were evaluated and answered in a quick manner. Instructor was very knowledgeable and cooperative."

"I would highly recommend this course to anybody who would want to learn more about gas processing at the field level. This course was designed for field people."

Q: Would you recommend this course to other employees?

"Yes. And I would like to see a course on our plant (Highlight)."

"The entire class was well planned and carried out."

"It was great. I also learned a lot from employee discussions during the class."

Field Foreman:"Yes- Tailored to the specific facility they work in." "Excellent. Course was taught at the level of the field employees. Covered basics and site specific to the Salt Creek Facility."

"Great! It was worth every penny ... "

Plant Manager:"Because of your process school, Frank began to learn and think and question everything we did to the extent of uncovering most of our processing problems. It is my opinion that this is what can happen when operators are ‘turned on’ by a well-designed process school such as the one you provided for the Salt Creek Gas Plant operators. The operators that used the information you provided made a significant change in the plant operations and eventual upgrade."

Area Operations Manager- 10-year training overview
(brief selected comments from long letters)

1996 “Considering how everything has turned out, it is my belief that Don offers some of the best training available in the industry today for operations personnel.

2000 “Within days after the seminar we saw positive results at the Granger Gas Plant…the online dew point dropped 25 degrees, and since then we have seen the lowest dew points we have ever seen at the inlet of the plant. I attribute these results directly to Don’s dehydration seminar.

2006 - 10-year assessment “After Don’s first school our water dew points from the field went from an average of 12 pounds to a manageable 6 to 8 pounds (even more after his refresher course). Our hydrate issues of course decreased dramatically. This in turn helped out in decreasing gas losses for the systems. Although it wasn’t part of the training I asked Don to do, the best thing he added was teaching these operators how to work with each other. Don emphasized that team work was critical, and in such a fashion that a number of these employees started working better with our producers and more importantly with each other.

(Complete evaluation letters available) (27 seminars to date)
Comments from customers regarding OGSD Project Work:

I would recommend Don as a knowlegeable individual in equipment design due to his many years of experience and having personally worked with him.
Chris Conley, Bear Paw Energy

Don's ability to coordinate engineering information from professional engineering disciplines into detailed design drawings has contributed to successfully completed projects too numerous too list. Don is one of the most knowlegeable, competent, conscientious, and honest individuals I have met in the industry.
Frank Kettewell, Consulting Alliance Company

We are pleased with the accuracy of the design and the finished product produced by Oil and Gas Systems.
John C. Goebel, Williams Field Services Company

I would highly recommend Mr. Ordes to anyone seeking cost effective technical support for construction projects. His speed, accuracy and job knowledge have been definite assets to our projects.
Stan Reeves, Reeves Construction Company

Not only was the quality and timliness of your work technically excellent, but your desire and ability to understand and accomodate our needs was also outstanding. It is indeed rare to find an individual who can complete an engagement with such flawless performance - from working with our internal staff, to cooperating and coordinating with other subcontractors, to executing a top notch work product. ...you can certainly count on our future business.
Steve Wiley, Docksider Project Manager

Over the years of my industrial experience I have never encountered an individual engaged in the work of technical drafting who
was as fast and effcient as Don Ordes. Combining his skill with a wealth of knowlege in the areas of process technology, fabrication codes and procedures, engineering design, and maintenance requirements allows Mr. Ordes to provide a broad based package of services.
Ted Abrams, Western Gas Processors, Ltd.

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